Tax Planning

  • Income splitting, dividends vs salary, shareholder loans
  • Allowable tax deductions including
  • Home office
  • Motor vehicle
  • Meals and entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Travel
  • Small business

Corporate Tax returns

  • Corporate tax planning and structuring to minimize taxes
  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Preparation of tax and information returns, tax estimates and instalments
  • Tax deferral strategies
  • Small business deductions
  • Dividends vs. management fees

Multiple year tax returns

  • Filing multiple years of tax returns
  • Applicable RRSP contributions, deductions, repayment of Home Buyer’s Plans
  • Applicable carry-forward balances, loss carry-backs
  • Liaising with Canada Revenue Agency

Personal, Partnership, Trust Tax returns

  • Calculation of tax obligations
  • Calculation of capital gains ‘taxes
  • Tax advice, planning and preparation services
  • Identification of allowances and exemptions
  • Self-employed businesses (sole-proprietorship)
  • Partnership income
  • Employment expenses (commission and salary)
  • Investment income rental properties
  • Non-resident tax returns
  • Non-resident rental properties
  • T1135¬†foreign income verification statements
  • Coordination of Canadian and US tax returns
  • Taxation of capital property
  • Taxation of property income

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